Customised Training and Programmes​

Discover our range of customed and in-house training aimed to meet your organisations needs and develop a culture of sustainability.

Delivered in-person or online, IKC3 offers customised training to enhance the skills and knowledge of you and your team and embed sustainability within your organisation.


IKC3 assists organisations across all sectors to develop sustainability plans that will enhance your team, performance levels and overall efficiency. IKC3 is a collaboration between Munster Technological University (MTU), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and University College Dublin (UCD), your organisation will have access to the IKC3 team and their individual skill sets ranging from research to education to communication.



Whether you are a large organisation, SME or at the start of your sustainability journey we can support and guide you to achieve your sustainability aims and goals.

Why Choose IKC3?

Forward Thinking

Through our extensive engagement with industry, communities, local and national authorities and research centres, IKC3 understand the challenges facing organisations and what is needed to develop and implement sustainability plans.  

Range of Expertise

Our team is made up of experts from our partner universities, MTU, TCD and UCD and have knowledge in a wide range of areas. Guest speakers regularly contribute to the delivery of our programmes, sharing real world experiences.

University Accreditation

Our training and programmes are delivered depending on your organisation’s needs. Through our partner universities we offer digital badges, certificates of completion and accredited certificates aligned with the level of training or programme.

Case Studies

We have developed our training and programmes to be inspiring and impactful as well as enhancing your skills and knowledge. Guest speakers share real world experiences, challenges and solutions that will resonate and inspires our participants.

Impactful Learning

Our aim is to help organisations develop and implement sustainability plans. By combining our knowledge, experience and real world case studies we can create customised training and programmes that make an impact on your organisation.

IKC3 Customised Training and Programmes

Leadership and Green Team

Helping you build your sustainability team and develop internal leadership skills and project ownership

Sustainability Planning

Support in developing sustainability plans and creating a step-by-step roadmap for successful implementation

Resource Management and Policy

Assist in understanding requirements and policies under mandatory reporting legislation, such as the CSRD

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