IKC3 Supporting Sustainability in the Arts and Creative Practice

IKC3 are dedicated to encouraging sustainability in all aspects of the community, education and enterprise including in the arts and creative practice. This year we were delighted to sponsor ‘Sustainability within Art Practices and Creative Projects’ at K-Fest in Killorgan, Co. Kerry, where artists from across Ireland were exhibiting their work.
“In its second year of collaborative development, K-FEST Arts Festival is delighted with the continued support of IKC3 and the promotion of sustainability actions,” said Darragh Kinch, Creative Director and Art Curator at K-FEST Arts Festival, “K-FEST would like to thank David Williamson, IKC3 and MTU for delivering the sponsorship prize of ‘The Sustainability Award’ as well as hosting a very insightful and educating talk during the festival relating to ‘Sustainability within Art Practices and Creative Projects’.”
This winner of this year’s Sustainability Art Award was Adele Walsh.  “I am delighted to have won the K-Fest 2024 Sustainable award from IKC3. This award will encourage me to continue my recycle/reuse creative journey.  I collect small amounts of clay, driftwood, seaweed and shells during my travels, creating my forms from the clay and using the raw materials for my glazing, firing just once and at very low temperatures.  Each handful of found materials have a story, connecting the work to places and memories that can live on in my work.”