Sustainability for SMEs

The IKC3 ‘Sustainability for SMEs’ programme aims to support and empower small to medium enterprise and a range of organisations in a practical, actionable wayto take control of their sustainability planning and monitoring needs. Comprisedof six interactive sessions over 12 weeks, the programme will guide participants inthe creation of their Sustainability Plan and a clear Roadmap to Sustainability tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. The sessions are structured toguide and create incremental but meaningful changes into any business ororganisation and to develop a Sustainability Plan for all stakeholders & clients.



Key to this is an assessment of current operations, defining and setting clearactionable objectives and tools to engage with staff and stakeholders to identifyareas for improvement, developing strategies, monitoring progress, and laying thefoundation for an effective and practical sustainability journey roadmap. Globallyand nationally, SMEs play a vital role in driving economic growth and innovation. Implementing a sustainability plan can help these small to medium enterprises tobecome more resilient, uncover cost efficiencies, preempt upcoming rules andregulations, improve brand reputation, and gain a competitive edge.

How will the course benefit my career/organisation?

Sustainability skills are high in demand across as sectors and organisations. It isimperative to have a structured sustainability plan that meets existing andupcoming legislation, reporting and policy change. This course will support yourcareer prospects through the addition of valuable skills and knowledge thatbenefit your place of work, your business or organisation with clear actionablesustainability targets, monitoring tools and strategy for growth and development.

What to expect.......

  • Develop your sustainability plan in 6 sessions over a 12 week period
  • Resource Management & Policy – Influencing and Competing Factors for SMEs
  • Inspiration from real world SMEs in climate transition action, reporting and monitoring
  • Sustainability Roadmap – Design and strategic pillars for successful implementation
  • Green Team – Building the team and developinginternal leadership skills & project ownership
  • Communicating Sustainability Credentials –Internal, external stakeholders, suppliers &customers

Entry Requirements

This programme is designed for those who have reached NFQ level 7 degree in business, HR, sales, management, engineering, food & beverage sector, marketing or any relevant degree area. The University’s policy in relation to recognition of prior learning (RPL) also applies.

Course Information

AWARD TYPE: Continuing Professional Development
1 semester, part-time, online, evening sessions once a fortnight for 12 weeks. 


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“We are very excited about delivering this much needed training for SMEsin Ireland who account for 99% of active enterprises and 70% ofemployment. Those who create and lead SMEs in Ireland are incrediblydiverse – from family owned businesses, rural-owner managers, traditional,high growth and technology start-ups and the IKC3 Project is focused onsupporting these key stakeholders in the Irish economy to develop andfuture proof their businesses in the transition towards a net zero society.”
Dr Helena McMahon

Delivery Team

Helena McMahon

Dr Helena McMahon
Director IKC3 Project, MTU


Patricia Kane
Sustainability Strategist

Eve Savage

Eve Savage
Educational Designer, MTU